Icelandic B757 landing in Antarctica

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This is a timelapse video from the captain of this flight to Union Glacier in Antarctica in 2015. The Icelandic Airline Loftleiðir Iceland made history when it landed a Boeing 757 on the Antarctic ice sheet, the local news site Vísir reports. This is the first time a Boeing commercial passenger jet lands in Antarctica. Previously the Royal New Zealand Air Force had landed a 757 in Antartica. Historically the transport planes have been Hercules L-282G and Ilyushin IL76-TD. The entire crew of the plane was Icelandic, and this was also the first time an Icelandic airplane lands in Antarctica. Sixty passengers were on board the plane. The purpose of the flight was to study whether traditional passenger jets could be used to fly passengers and cargo to Antarctica. The trip was made in collaboration with the tour company Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions, ALE, which specializes in trips to Antarctica. Annually the company takes 400-500 travellers to Antarctica.