Icelandair Cargo Boeing 757 – OOPS, WRONG WAY

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Icelandair Cargo BOEING 757 vs. ROAD WORKS – “OOPS, WRONG WAY” + Boeing 747 Departure and Landing (4K) – After landing on runway 06R at Liege this Boeing 757 almost vacated via the closed taxiway S3. The crew of the Boeing already entered the blocked taxiway but noticed the mistake just in time to go back on the runway. The Boeing 757-200 is one of my favorite Boeing planes and that’s why I was quite happy about the additional turns which allowed me to film the B757 in a few more angles. Sometimes you have to wait at Liege for more than two hours and nothing happens. Right after the Iceland Cargo B757 landed a Boeing 747 of CAL with “Challenge accepted” titles taxied to the active runway in the background and a Kalitta Boeing 747-400 in DHL hybrid colours arrived right behind the 757. It was the first up four B747` s of Kalitta that day.