Chengdu Airlines ARJ21-700 – Flight from (CTU) to (CSX), China

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Chengdu Airlines ARJ21-700 – Flight from Chengdu Shuanliu (CTU) to Changsha Huanghua (CSX), China
COMAC ARJ21-700 / B-3321
Chengdu Airlines / EU6669
Departure: Chengdu Shuangliu (CTU), China (Rwy 02L)
Arrival: Changsha Huanghua (CSX), China (Rwy 36R)
Date: Sept 27th, 2017
COMAC’s first delivered ARJ21-700 seen on its regular Changsha service, today without the onwards sector to Shanghai. The flight was as usual delayed, in our case the aircraft had to be ferried in from Changsha in the morning hence a 2:20h delay “due to flow control”. Apparently it didnt complete yesterday’s rotation and got stuck overnight in Changsha. The aircraft however made a solid impression, for a non-aviation geek it would be hard to distinguish from a regular A320 or B737NG. The crew was particularly nice allowing us to shoot photos and videos. A special thanks to the COMAC chief instructor flight attendant who took care of us throughout the flight.